How Office Tracker Works

Everyone Shares Schedule and Customer Information

  • Flexibility - You can install Office Tracker at your own office or choose to have it cloud hosted for easier administration.

  • Group Access - All users can log in to see and share schedules and contact records from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.

  • Privacy - Users can given specific sharing privileges to view, edit and delete information for security and privacy.

  • Scalability - Schedule any number of people, rooms, facilities, projects and more.

We think it's brilliant! it will really help us with our video conference bookings.
Susan― Office Manager

Install the Office Tracker Server or Choose Cloud Hosted

The Office Tracker Server allows everyone to share information and is the central storage point and control center for user access. You set up the Server by entering user name, room names and permissions. You can add color coded labels, keywords, and a wide range of other custom settings.

Send Users a Link to Connect and Log In

Send each user the link given in the Scheduler Setup link on the Admin page, along with the Name and Password you want them to use. Users then "log in" by entering their Name and Password. (Optionally they can be sent a link to install the desktop client and log in after installation)

Start Scheduling!

Everyone can view and share side by side group schedules and customer contact contact information. You can adjust each users' (or group of users) sharing privileges to give specific access to who can view or edit information.

Quick Tour of Office Tracker

Set Up